Working on This Job Down I-85

We are working on this job between Greenville and Spartanburg down here in South Carolina. Of course we are not really all that eager to spend more time than we have to do here, so we are getting up at half past three in the morning and starting the work at four in the morning. We put in ten hours a day and then on Thursday we roll past Paychex in Greenville, SC and collect our checks. The boss does the payroll so that you get paid for what you did the week before and so I just have to keep up with the hours and send them to him by email or text. We could probably get our checks back at home, but we have to go back to the hotel and grab our stuff, take showers and then we drive around three hours and change back to the Raleigh, NC area.

Of course the big thing is to get clear of Charlotte before rush hour starts. In particular you want to get off interstate 85 before it turns into a parking lot on you. If you started home at four in the afternoon you would be lucky if you got to the other side of Charlotte before it was after six at night. That highway is brutal if you are on it at the wrong time of the day, so we want to get our butts out of there. The big thing is that we do not want to spend five days a week down in this place, but also you are getting out of the hottest part of the day if you start early enough and get the really difficult stuff done early too. We can usually save some light work for after we eat our lunch.


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