Working Hard on Losing Some Weight

I have tried all sorts of diets and a lot of supplements and all sorts of other stuff in the past year and a half. I have tried Garcinia Cambogia and all sorts of other things. The thing that works is not any fun at all. You have to work hard enough at losing the weight to get rid of it. It is hard enough to do it for short periods of time and like a lot of people I lose ten or fifteen pounds through intense effort, then you look around and all of a sudden it has come back. You look at your belly and your hind parts and wonder how it snuck back in so quick. The obvious answer is that you have to change your entire style of life and diet and exercise if you want to take the weight off and leave it off. That was poorly phrased, but it is obvious what I mean. It is hard for any normal person to maintain the discipline that this requires.

It is a big deal of course, because you get one heart and it has to last you a life time. I am around six foot tall, just under it really, and my ideal weight (according the body mass index charts or BMI) is about twenty five pounds below the weight I am. It fluctuates actually. Some times I am a lot closer to the weight I need to be and some times I am further away than I need to be. It is not easy to take the weight off, but I have done it about three times now. Keeping it off is a totally different thing, it is a thing which is eluding me. They have to tell me how to do it some day.


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