Trust Me, Go Outside the Us

There are tons of times in our lives when we could all use a private server for some kind of business venture or maybe just to casually play a game without paying for it, whatever you need the private server for is none of my concern, what is my concern is how you go about operating with said object. I mean if you have a private server based right here out of the states than you could be in trouble if the company decides to sue. So what you want is an offshore vps. It is the same service that can be offered right here in the states, the only difference is the location of the server room. Trust me when I tell you that you do not want to be on the other side of a lawsuit, you want your server run out of some country that has no positive relations iwth the united states, a lot of people choose little islands in south america for such things, but you don’t have to go quite that far for somethingl ike this. This is fairly small stuff so if you want you can pretty much just host it inside any country outside of north america. The government is not going to use one of their connections to get you busted if you are not even here in north america. They don’t get to ask many favors of local governments and let me tell you that they are not going to waste one hunting you down so as long as you are not hosting it out of north america or europe than you are ogod to go. Just find the one that you want and set it up and you can be on your feet in no time at all, trust me.


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