Top Rated Drain Cleaning in Bergen County

I just bought a house and it is in need of quite a few repairs. However, one of the most pressing concerns, is that the drain in the shower for master bathroom does not work. It is horribly clogged, and I am not even sure what could be down there, to create such a terrible clog. I guess that whoever lived here before is to blame for the issue, and I really wish this was not something I had to deal with, but now I am looking for drain cleaning in bergen county nj.

I really think it would be a good idea to get this problem fixed soon, because I would like to make use of this shower. Right now, all of the members of my family are having to use the same bathroom, and that is not very fun at all. I rather think it is quite annoying, and it seems like there is always someone in the bathroom, when you need to take a shower. I have four children though, so that is to be expected. One of the reasons why we bought this house, though, is that it had a bathroom connected to the master bathroom. My wife and I had had hoped to keep that bathroom all to ourselves, but we cannot really make proper use of it yet, due to this issue.

I am thought I could fix it on my own, but clearly I was wrong, and I am not sure I have ever seen a drain that is this clogged before. I hope that the plumber who fixes the problem, clues me into what was stopping it up. I am a bit curious, because it is such a uniquely clogged drain, that I really can’t imagine what is down there in the drain.


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