They Built a Beautiful Fire Pit

Finding a company that does masonry in Nassau County NY was just the first step my wife and I took in installing a beautiful outdoor fire pit. We had a temporary one set up out there over the last few years and didn’t care for it. For one thing, a stiff wind seemed to knock the thing over on more than one occasion and that was a scary concern because it could start the house on fire if someone wasn’t out there watching it. We wanted something more permanent that would be much safer and also much prettier.

We also wanted to install a paved patio out there with the fire pit built into it. We saw some pictures online showing how these work and we thought it was perfect for our home. We like to spend a lot of time outdoors in the backyard so having a new patio and a built in fire pit just seemed perfect. Of course we needed to find the right company to build it. I couldn’t do it because I am all thumbs and know almost nothing about pouring concrete or laying forms for pouring concrete.

I did a lot of research both online and through word of mouth and decided to go with a company who worked on our neighbor’s driveway a few years ago. They did a real professional job and worked quickly and the drive way still looks brand new. We had them come out and the guy asked a lot of questions and offered up some good opinions about how to make the project work. It took them about a week to get everything in place and both of us are just thrilled with the results. It blends in well in the backyard and all we’ve gotten is compliments from neighbors and friends!


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