The Tree Must Come Down

The pesky vines in my backyard have grown so much that they’ve made their way up some of my trees. No matter what kinds of weed killer I spray on the vines, they keep coming back. I’ve tried chopping down the vines, but they keep growing back. Once they started creeping up the trees, they begin to choke the life out of them. One of the trees had become so covered in vines that it started to rot. I had to call a tree service in Queens NY to cut down the tree before it decided to fall on its own.

Mushrooms had started growing on the tree in places where the vines weren’t. Braches were falling off the tree and the leaves that were on it were becoming discolored, even in the summer. It was something that I hoped I wouldn’t have to deal with, because trying to get a tree down on your own is a big problem. There isn’t really a good way to do it unless you have some kind of machine to reach the top of the tree, and then you have to saw the tree off in bits or it will fall down and hit the house.

The tree company had just the machine to take care of the job. They used it to rise up to the level of the tree and then they started shaving off parts of it at a time. The tree came down in bits, and on the inside of the tree were insects. They had made their home on the inside and it looked like they had been there for a while. There were also bits of mushroom on the inside of it as well. Eventually the entire tree came down and the company ground down the stump of the tree.


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