The Irony of Storm Damage

When Hurricane Sandy came through a few years ago and barely did any damage to our house or yard, I felt very fortunate. When a small storm came through last year and lightning struck one of our trees, I still felt fortunate since no one got hurt, but I did see the irony in it too. A storm that causes major damage in the billions does little to us, and a small storm that most people were probably unaware of had us calling a company that does tree removal in Nassau County after the storm was over.

I explained to the person who answered the phone that lightning had struck one of our trees, and that it had split down the middle. Part of the tree was still standing, and the other half was laying on the ground. I was really worried that someone was going to get hurt on it because a lot of kids use our yard as a short cut to get to different places, and I was worried that the tree might prove to be a temptation particularly to the boys. The tree service assured me that they would be able to send someone right out though.

When they got there and assessed the damage, they agreed that the tree just needed to come down. They said that sometimes a storm will damage a tree but it can still survive it, but too much had been lost with this one. It was actually sad watching them cut the rest of it down and feeding both halves to the chipper, but it did make me feel better that they did such a fast job with it. I am going to have them plant another tree there for me soon, but I have to decide which kind I want to have first!


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