The Heat Gets More Intense

When the heat in NYC hits you, you can really feel it. Sometimes it’s so hot that it feels like I’m living in some tropical country near the equator. If you have a broken air conditioner or no air conditioner at all, it feels even worse. The heat smothers you and bakes you like a chicken in an oven. I felt this heat last year when my air conditioner stopped working. There was nothing I could do for it, so I got air conditioning replacement in NYC. Some cheapskates try to stick it out in the heat, but I wasn’t going to deal with that.

Since it was hot outside, I decided to do an experiment while the new air conditioner was being installed. People often say that an egg can be fried on the sidewalk because of how hot it is. I wasn’t going to waste a perfectly good egg on the sidewalk, but I did place an egg in a pan and let it sit outside. The egg didn’t cook as fast as an egg would normally do on the stove, but it did eventually fry pretty nicely. I put some salt and pepper on the egg and ate it with toast.

The newly installed air conditioner cooled my home back down to temperatures suitable for humans. I turned it down even lower to make my home feel like an arctic wonderland. To celebrate, I opened the ice cream and ate a big bowl in my underwear. I was starting to shiver, but I didn’t mind. I kept the air conditioner running into the fall, when the temperature started to get cool. By then, it was time to start putting wood into the fireplace and taking out the heavy coats. To me, the cold isn’t as bad as the heat.


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