Taking the Kids to Boy Scouts

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I started up the car and off we went! The boys were happy and wanted to go run around with the other kids and do other kid stuff that they usually do in these meetings. I took them there and went back home to rest and watch some TV. I don’t hang around since I don’t know what to do or how I would be useful to them when I am around.

I took a wee nap while watching a bad horror movie that dealt with some monster that lives in a basket. It was really bad. I got a call and they told me I should pick up the kids since they finished the meeting early.

I went out and picked up the kids and asked them what they did. My kids told me all about their day and how they were trying to go for some new badges. I told them I was proud of them and they should be getting all the badges! They said they would try their best to try to get all of them. I laughed and was happy about that.

I really think the Boy Scouts really does a great thing and I am glad my boys go to those meetings. I will keep supporting them as long as they are around.


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