Taking Jobs is Never Good

There are many new machines out there that are changing the way that we work here in the warehouses. If you work in a distribution center than you know what I am talking about. Every single day they find some way to replace part of our job with a machine and it just makes you think that eventually there is going to be nothing left for us to do so they will just go ahead and let us go. I hate to think about it, but at this rate it is a reality. For instance bag in box machines take a task that was once done by a few workers at a factory and essentially takes that away from them. It will take the packaged item, known as the bag and put it inside the box and then affix the shipping label to the outside of it. They do everything that a skilled worker used to do but the cost of them is relatively cheap. It is a shame to see the workers that inhabited those positions go but it is the way of the future. I know one day they will come for my job, lets just hope I’m done with it by then.

The more technology progresses it seems the less they actually need people there to make things happen. I hope that it lasts until I retire though, I do not know what I would do without a place to go to work. I feel like my life would just be so empty right now if I did not have work to go to. Maybe it is just me, but I hate to see these machines being developed because alls they can do is take the jobs of hard working people, and that is just not a good thing by any means.


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