Started to Plan for a Second House

I started thinking about what it would cost me to build a small second house for the weekend. I am not talking about another house like the one I live in, but something big enough for you to spend weekends and vacations in. Of course you do not need as much room in a temporary residence, although in our case we might need a little bunkhouse type of deal for the grand children. I have been looking at how to save up the money and reading stuff on about their plans for effective money management, because this would be a tight squeeze for me. Of course the idea would be that at some point you move out of this house, sell it for a good price and use the money to retire. The house we own is big enough for a large family, it has four bedrooms and two a half baths. There is a backyard that is a bit less than an acre fenced in for dogs and kids to run around in, but we do not really need all that.

Of course the grand children love it here and we watch them after school, but eventually we are not going to have a real need for this house and so we could quite easily move up to a place where we could retire by the lake. Of course I might need a boat house and a new boat once we sold the house, so this plan is not without a good many flaws. In fact you end up going out on the boat and burning up a good bit of gas every other day if you live on a lake and it is easy to go out fishing any time that you feel like you want to go.


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