Started Taking Some Classes Online

Download Skill Videos » Videos » HomeI have a good job, but I would like a lot more. It is not something I feel embarrassed about. That is what makes the world work after all. I do not feel like trying to become a billionaire, but I am thinking about going to get some sort of web design training. Obviously that is not going to entail leaving my job and going to college full time. I am 25 years old and I have a job. I also have a good many obligations. My car payment is going to come due every month and every third month I am going to have to cough up the cash for my auto insurance. That car is going to want another 20 or 30 dollars worth of gas even if I barely drive anywhere except back and forth to work. Of just as obviously I would need to pay for gas to go college too.

My rent situation is really not that bad.


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