Splitting from a Former Loved One

My wife cheated on me one day and decided that she didn’t want to be married to me anymore. She filed for divorce, and I accepted, because I wanted nothing else to do with her. We should have went about our separate ways, but my wife wanted more from me. She wanted the house, the car, and half of my paycheck. I felt that I didn’t owe her anything, especially after she cheated on me. I needed a good lawyer to beat her in court, and I found one with money I earned through marketing by Ewen Chia.

The marketing strategy I used helped me earn what I needed to get a lawyer who wouldn’t try to give me lackluster service. My wife had one of the best attorneys in the state, and the only way to beat him was by hiring someone who could be just as good in the courtroom, if not better. My lawyer promised to do everything to make sure that my wife didn’t get a single cent from me. He even agreed that he wouldn’t charge me anything if he didn’t win the case, although I had full confidence in his abilities as a divorce lawyer.

Once my wife and I finally made it to court, we told the judge our stories. My wife tried to make it seem like she was some kind of victim in the marriage, and spun a narrative that I didn’t pay enough attention to her and satisfy her needs in the bedroom. I made the counter argument that every time I tried to be intimate with her, she was never in the mood. There was also the important point that she cheated on me. The judge ruled in my favor and didn’t grant my wife anything. Instead, the judge made her pay my legal fees.


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