Slowly Getting Interior Remodeling in Bergen County NJ

We bought this house at a great price because the interior really needed updating. We lived in it three years saving money to make it the home of our dreams. It is a bigger home than what we could have afforded if it was all modern inside. Buying the home to have the infrastructure to update later was a smart move for our growing family. The older kids did not like it at first, but once we hired someone who does interior remodeling in bergen county nj to begin redoing rooms, they like it a lot better.

We got a new living room first. It was followed by kitchen renovation and a new bathroom on the first floor. We then moved the work upstairs. We added a second bathroom, redid the bedrooms and the master bath. The upstairs was pretty much completely redone down to the insulation lining the walls, the wiring and plumbing. we preserved the plaster in one interior hallway since it was in excellent condition. We did, however, replace the lights and outlets in the hallway.

We had the basement walls sealed, and an epoxy paint applied to the walls and floors. With new lighting and outlets installed in the basement, we have a much more usable space down there now. It is dry and clean; perfect for storing things such as our Christmas decorations. The house has a large open attic space that I want to convert into an art studio. I like loft studios with skylights. Since the roof needs redone, we will have the skylight installed at the same time then redo the attic into a studio. I need outlets, AC, heat and a sink. Maybe there will be room for a commode too. Probably not too many people have a commode in the attic, but we will have one.


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