Slow Drains Prompt Call to Plumber in Essex County NJ

We had some issues with our sewer after the aftermath of the hurricane that devastated some regions. The ground was saturated with heavy rains. It swelled up in spots so much that it displaced sidewalk slabs a little. You can tell where the joints are at. They are no longer aligned in some spots. Our drains moved slow for days. Then when it got really cold, it started again. I had to call a plumber in essex county nj for help.

It turned out that we have old terracotta sewer lines underground. They are the pipes that are made from clay that is fired in a kiln. The pipes are hard and heavy but they do break. They can get dislodged due to ground swelling too if it goes deep enough. I think that the heavy rains saturated the ground pretty deep and it knocked a few sewer line pipe joints loose. This can let dirt and other stuff in to block the pipes. It can also act as a catch for solid wasted such as toilet paper or grease.

The plumber sent down a camera into the drains. One section of pipe was broken with tree roots growing into the pipe, and another section was dislodged. We needed our sewer line replaced. No, it was not something we planned for. However, it was necessary. The plumber did a quick and thorough job. He even installed a backflow check valve to help protect our home from water intrusion if the sewer mains get backed up during a flood situation. Since we had that last hurricane cause so much damage in New Jersey, I want to be better prepared.

We were not able to use our toilets, sinks or showers for a day. A minor inconvenience as compared to the constant slow drains we were experiencing. Now things move fast. The sinks and everything drain without resistance now.


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