Simple Web Design for Kids

Vladimir nabokov hunts butterflies | BlogThe Boy Scouts is a great organization that teaches young kids lots of stuff about life and skills that could be use anywhere. Those skills are used outside in the wild such as camping or teaching how to be good sports in games. One new skill they should teach kids now is web design. This is a new an fun skill to teach kids to learn how web pages operate.

Although it may seem hard there are plenty of web sites that teach you how to do the simple forms of making a web page. A quick Google search can show those that are available. These sites are free of use and do everything to show how a simple web page can be set up and it even goes as far as doing a whole website for a specific topic! This can be really fun and unique way to teach children what really goes behind a web page.

When doing web pages make sure to tell the children what really goes behind the nuts and bolts of a site. Make sure to mention that each part is made up of certain things that make the whole web page. Such as hyperlinks, images, and the body of the text all contribute to make the web page whole.

Some ideas to have in mind when making boys do the website can be about animals they like, simple concepts such as what they like in Boy Scouts, or even what exactly is the things they like most in Boy Scouts. This will look great in the web and show how Boy Scouts are admired by the kids and be up for the whole world to see! One thing to make sure is whatever is put up is proof-read and makes sense.

That is just one simple task that Boy Scouts can do and have fun at the same time.


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