Put the New Boy Scout Hut Up

It did not cost us a penny from what we had saved in the end. I managed to get all of the materials donated. In fact I just lucked into part of it. I was dealing with a roofing contractor in new york city for my job. One of the places that my boss owns needs a new roof and I have to get some estimates for it. While I was there I asked him to give me a quote on some shingles. Of course they were not really interested in selling shingles and he wanted to know if he could put them up instead, but of course I told him he would probably want a job that paid instead of one where it cost you time and money. I suspect that he donated the shingles as a goodwill gesture. It certainly did not make me feel worse about him and if he bids similar to what other guys do it will definitely count in his favor.

A couple of days later he asked me if I needed anything else, but at first I did not realize he meant about the Boy Scout hut. It turned out that he had a boy who was an Eagle Scout and the two of them were really big into scouting, so donating some more of the material was not anything out of the ordinary for him. I ended up texting him a picture of the scout hut after we got done and some of the boy sent him a note thanking him for the help. It looks pretty much like an old school log cabin from the outside, but it is actually a fairly modern and comfortable place. There is not any AC, but it is still quite nice with just a ceiling fan.


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