Power to Choose Electricity Provider in Texas

When I recently moved to Texas, I found one thing to be rather shocking. Sure there were a lot of things to adjust to, regarding the wildlife, weather, and other features of Texas. But that is not at all what I am talking about. I guess the idea had never even crossed my mind before. But in the state of Texas, you have the power to choose which electricity company that you buy your electricity from.

I am not sure if there are any other states in the entire country, where that is the case. I do not really care to look into it right now either, because while I am curious to know, I am not curious enough to look into it as this present moment. If I remember, then I may perhaps check into it at some point later. I guess right now, I just want to talk about how shocked I was, to learn that I had a choice between a number of different providers in the particular area where we moved.

It was a pleasant surprise, although, it did make things a bit more difficult. When you live in other places, you do not even have to think twice about where you are going to get your electricity from. Because it is going to to be from the local power company, unless you are a particularly ambitious individual, and set up your own solar power system. I would never go through the trouble to do though, because it seems like a lot of work, and the initial investment is so steep as well. Anyway, that isn’t even really related to my main point. I wanted to say that I support the idea of being able to choose different electricity companies, as it promotes capitalism and a free market.


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