Our Kid is Better Than We Could Have Hoped for

I know that my daughter is being good and focusing on her school work because she does not spend all that much time being obsessed with online apps like so many othre kids are. I learned this by checking up on her with a Snapchat spy program that I downloaded. I noticed that a lot of other people her age spend a lot of time on their cell phones. My daughter does use hers to some extent, but she was more interested in talking to her friends in person instead of staring into a phone all the time. But I wanted to be sure, and that is why I got the app.

It turns out that my daughter has a lot of self control. I found messages from her to her friends telling them that she could not do this or that because she needed to help me or her father at home. I could see too that she told her friends that she could not go to parties because she had a lot of homework or needed to study for a test. To be honest, this suprised and impressed me. I knew that she as pretty smart, but I didn’t realize just how smart she is.

We have felt that we had done a good job of raising our daughter, but now we are more proud of her than ever. We give her a little more leeway now in her life as a result. We were never helicopter parents, but we were a little strict on her. But it seems that it has been for the best. We think she will grow up to be a really good person in life, and that is all that you can hope for when you are a parent. She is already talking about college!


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