Make Sure You Know Employment Laws Regardless of if You Are an Employer or Employee

If you hire even one person to work for you, then you should know about the employment laws. If you are an employee, you should know about the employment laws. Both employers and employees may be doing things they ought not do in order to be legally protected. I have worked for employers who regularly disregarded employment law. If they would not take any issue regarding employment law, what recourse did I have? I have heard of all kinds of stories that have happened to employers and employees. One employee at a company was attempting to organize labor into a union. He would do it on his lunch when he was off the clock, and he would only speak with fellow employees who were also not on the clock. He must have kept records, because when the company fired him, they got in trouble. He sued them, I guess. They had to pay him and post notices in the workplace on how they illegally fired him. I also know a guy who hired subcontractors. He gave one guy regular hours to work the subcontracted job. Then the guy sued him for payroll taxes. He won because his job was more like an employee than a subcontractor. There is a lot to consider when it comes to regarding employment law. There are notices that have to be posted in a conspicuous place. If you do not comply, you can lose money. I have even heard stories about employers withholding taxes and spending the money. They never sent it into the tax collection bureaus for state and federal taxes. That is something I would imagine could get you some jail time. You cannot be too careful as an employer or an employee. If you are an employee, you may have a dishonest employer. The reverse could equally be true. It is important to know the laws and keep an eye on things.


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