I Learned a Much Better Way to Look Good

As a young boy, I was always so proud of my father. While many of my friend’s dads didn’t take care of themselves and looked like slobs, my dad worked out, worked hard at his job, and took care of the way he looked. I thought he was a pretty handsome guy, and I hoped that I would grow up one day to look just as good as he does. Dad always had a beard, and black men with beards have often had a tough time keeping them looked groomed and feeling soft. I was having that problem myself. It was frustrating, but that has changed now.

Dad taught me that I should use beard oil. Many of the men that dad worked with used it, and it worked well for them. But they did not have coarse and very unruly beard hair like dad did. At some point, when I touched dad’s beard as an older boy, I was surprised to learn that the hair there was so much more coarse than the hair on his head. Dad said that’s why men of color need to groom the hair really well at all times to stay looking good. He later went bald on the top of his head, so it was even more important in his eyes that he have good looking hair on his face.

I was never really happy with oil. It just left my face a greasy mess, even when I tried to use as little as possible. And I did not like how it made my black hair glisten. So, I was reading a magazine article on men’s grooming, and I learned there’s a new balm out that works. It’s thicker than oil, it really helps to tame wild hairs and it does not leave me feeling greasy. It works great, and my wife notices how much nicer I look now, too.


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