I Just Got Back from New Jersey

Of course I have a summer job in New Jersey working for a pretty nice Italian restaurant, a place out in the country surrounded by farm land. I started out washing dishes for them when I was in high school, in fact before they should have let me work the sort of hours that I did. The boss would pay you half in cash and half on your checks, so the hours I was working when I should have been getting my sleep were off the books. At any rate Jim is doing sewer cleaning in NJ this summer. I never expected that he would make it through the summer, but he managed to do it and said that it was not really that bad because you spend a lot of time leaning on shovels and sitting in trucks going from one place to the next. Apparently they have the heavy machinery and tools to make it a lot less nasty than you would think.

He is not really sure if he is going to make it to college next year, right now he is obsessed with this Mitsubishi that he bought and is trying to get fixed up. The engine is fine and it seems pretty obvious that the thing is way too fast to be safe in the hands of a guy like Jim. Now the rest of the car is a mess and I am not sure the previous owner did not come very close to totaling the thing when he hit that telephone pole. Apparently that guy is serving time in state prison for the incident, Jim says that about a dozen cops were behind him when he wrecked the thing and they were chasing him because him and some other guy were street racing. That is a good way to end up in trouble.


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