I Got a Job at a Gym

It is more like a second job, because this is not going to pay the bills, it is not even going to pay the bills for a broke college student who lives in his Mom’s basement like I do. It is about three nights a week for around six hours a night, starting after supper and hanging around until Midnight. Of course the place closes at 9 PM, but I have to make sure all of the dumbbells sets are in their proper places and all of the towels get washed and everything is clean. Of course I am not the only person who does all that stuff. A laundry service washes the linens, that is a pretty big job. This is a large gym that is open from about 5 AM in the morning until 9PM, so there are a lot of dirty towels every single day of the week, it would be a full time job for a laundry woman with a normal washing machine.

Of course I am not a laundry woman, but I take the towels a short distance away and trade them for freshly washed ones each night. Apparently this saves them some money, because paying me what they pay me is a good bit less than what the linen service would charge for the job if they had to come back and forth with the towels. I do not see much difference personally. I am still getting paid and the work is what it is. The only really great thing is that I get to work out for free, which is more convenient for me than using the gym on campus. It is not as up to date and the place is really a pain to get in and out of because they have so many rules.


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