I Found a Nice House in Queens

The location is less than ideal for me, but the price is right. I actually knew the guy who was selling the place and I ran into him one day when I was back in the old neighborhood to see my mother. It was a windy day and when I went past his old house he was there talking to a guy from a Queens tree service, there was an old tree that had gone bad on him and he had to have it taken down before he could show it to other people. I stopped and stared at him, not really recognizing him at first. In fact the last time I saw him was right before both of us went off to college about twenty six years ago. He went to school some place out on the West Coast and he told me that he was living near Los Angeles now. Of course I had not heard that his father was ill, which was why he was getting the place ready to sell.

Of course I had once worked for a tree service and the tree was not really a big problem for a person who knew how to drop one. I told him that I would go borrow a chainsaw from an old guy I knew and take the tree down. It was leaning towards a nice open spot and there was really not going to be much risk of it hitting anything important. I told him that it was going to perhaps hit a little tulip tree, but when it fell the tulip tree was not really effected very much. When the tree hit the ground it pretty much shattered, because it was really eaten up by some sort of beetle. He got a dumpster and we talked about the place.


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