How an Online Singapore Florist and Bakery Helped Me in My New Job

I work as a manager over an office of all female workers. Most of the other divisions in the company have offices like this that are a mix of men and women. I was a little bit nervous about it. I had to be a manager and get the work done, but I also absolutely did not want to be seen as the uncaring male boss. My wife told me to be thoughtful and give appreciation where appreciation was due, and she brought up a website and told me to check it out.

It was a website that had flowers, cakes and gifts. The office had a discretionary amount budgeted for use on the employees. It could be used for anything that would foster teamwork and show appreciation. My whole experience in managing prior to this assignment was managing other men. You shake hands with a guy and say “good job” and move on. If a guy messes up, you tell him in no uncertain terms, then you move on. I thought I was going to have a hard time adjusting to this job.

I started to use the discretionary fund to send cakes to the office when a project was completed. I sent flowers to them as a group too. Both were appreciated. They were tokens that were real that spoke volumes. I am not the most emotional man, but I do want people I am in charge of leading to know that they are appreciated. This website that is a florist and custom bakery that my wife showed me helped me let my employees know they are appreciated without me having to find the words. I stumble over finding words like that.

Then it finally hit me one day that I could tell my wife how much she is appreciated too by sending her something from this website. She gave me a hug and a kiss the moment the package arrived, and she told me that she was wondering how long it would take me to put two and two together and get her something.


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