Having a Little Fun at a Site Where You Can Print Fake Check Stubs

I have had a lot of fun goofing with my friends over the years, especially the nosy ones. You know them because you have friends like them too. They are the ones you know are looking in your medicine cabinet in the bathroom, and they would listen to your voicemail if they had your password. It is okay to have a nosy friend, but you have to keep them on their toes. If they like to gossip, then my little prank is even better. I found a place online that does fake check stubs that look just like the real thing. I do photography and onsulting work, but it just pays the bills. It does not allow for any real extravagance. However, my nosy friends, there are two, really are interested in how much I make.

I had a party at my place last week. I have an office in my apartment, and I left some files conveniently out on my desk. It is almost tax time, so the fake check stubs looked perfectly natural on my desk. I printed a bunch of ones from different companies they could look up. The check stubs had withholding and all of my other information on there. The only thing I faked was my Social Security number, the business EIN and the amount that I pretended to make. I have a camera in my office, and it caught them red handed looking at the files. The hidden camera also caught the look on their faces as they looked through the file.

Now they have a bunch of information to share in how well I am doing financially. I think I will throw out some hints about moving to a bigger place uptown. Maybe just bring it up in conversation asking what the rent might be like. I am not sure if I will let them off the hook or not. The nice thing about the place where you can print up fake check stubs is that you can make real ones there too. I will be using the site now to make real check stubs for my photography assistant who works for me part time.


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