Got Just Enough Money to Make Through the Winter

I really did not like spending my summer working for that roofing contractor in manhattan ny, but I got just enough money to make through the winter as it turned out. At the time I was thinking that I would end up having to leave Fordham and raise some more money before I got my degree, but it was sort of a break for me in more ways than one. When I was working for the roofing contractor I got to know his sister and she is a real estate agent, in fact a pretty good one I guess. She kept calling me up and offering me jobs like helping people move. She knew that my Brother in law has access to a truck and she was willing to pay us to help her out. Eventually she got me a free place to stay in exchange for helping out these older people that she knew. They were great people and they just needed someone to help them with stuff, nothing that compared in value to getting a free place to stay within a short walk of the campus.

Of course if I had it to do over again, then I think I might have picked a school that was not in the middle of Manhattan. It is just impractical for you to afford to find a place to stay in this area and I did not know that my parents would be moving to New Jersey when I enrolled here. Of course this is going to be it for me. I was only a few class credits shy of getting my degree and I am going to end up graduating pretty far up in my class, about the top 4 percent of the graduating class is what it looks like.


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