Getting the House Ready for Sale

With many homeowners trying to sell their house in this tough housing market there are some things you can do to make sure your house gets sold faster. Many homeowners put their house up for sale and do very little to make it presentable so it sits for some time without even getting an offer. A new coat of paint is the first order of business and using a qualified painter is the best way to go, just do a search in your area in the yellow pages or online for a painter in bergen county nj, or whatever area you may live in. A fresh coat of paint works wonders for selling the house fast but you need to make sure it is an off white. This is so the potential buyers see a clean palette to work with and a variation of white will actually make the rooms look bigger than they are.

While your house is up for sale you need to maintain the lawn and keep the inside clean, especially if you are living in it while trying to sell it. Dust or clothes lying around will turn potential buyers off and even though these are things that won’t be there when they buy the house they will still affect how people see the house and can keep them from buying it.

Always put your house on the market in the spring through the fall, never winter unless you live in a temperate climate. Houses sell faster in the spring and summer and you can add some little touches that will help you sell fast such as planting flowers and fertilizing the lawn to make sure it’s nice and green. These may seem like little things but these are the types of things that stick in a buyers mind and get them to purchase a property.


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