Getting Legal Transcription Done in a Hurry

We had about an hour of video that needed to be transcribed before court was in session Monday morning. Our staff was gone for the weekend, and I guess was smart enough not to answer when they saw work was calling. We normally outsource transcription, but it was to an agency with regular hours. I found a new place that would have your legal documents transcribed when it was urgent in about four hours. I had to contact them. It was late and there were people ready and willing to do the work. I got them the video, and they sent back perfectly transcribed dialogue of the video that I could print out. They pride themselves on running a paperless business. Everything was handled online. It was quick and easy. I can see no reason to use any other transcription agency.

I convinced a couple of the older staff to use them. They were impressed that urgent items could be handled in as little as four hours. We have a lot of video and audio information that needs to be transcribed on a regular basis. Sometimes it needs to be done quickly because of unforeseen changes in court dates. It is nice to have people who can do the work whenever it is needed rather than us waiting for another transcription service to open again on Monday morning. Last minute notice or even last minute discovery of evidence makes it critical to get audio or video dialogue on paper. Our firm is small and we cannot afford to have full time legal transcriptionists on staff. I was trying to call a secretary for help with the urgent transcription hoping that something on paper was better than nothing. This place that would have your legal documents transcribed quickly did an excellent job for me. I will use them when in a pinch or when there is plenty of time to get the work done.


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