From the Internet to Satellite

Last year I decided to cut the cord, and for the most part, it was working out well for me. I was able to get most of the shows and movies that I liked to watch by using online streaming services, that is, until I ran into a problem. I like to watch a lot of sports, especially, football. It’s not easy to see the games I want online, and in some cases, to watch them, I had to pay more than I did for cable. I decided to instead go with direct satellite TV for my sports needs.

I didn’t care if I could watch everything else online, but the sports is what really hit me. I’d rather pay less to watch the sports on my television than pay an arm and a leg to watch them online. I decided to go with satellite this time as opposed to cable because I heard that they have better prices than cable. I looked online to find some great deals on satellite service, and I was able to find an appealing package that put heavy emphasis on the sports channels. Originally I had a plan to only get the sports channels, but the package was so low priced that it allowed me to have all the other channels too.

My satellite subscription has been great. I’ve been watching baseball and soccer games lately, but I can’t wait until football season starts again. The drafts have already taken place, so it’s only a matter of time before the first preseason games start, and then the official start of the season. I hope my home team can make it to the Superbowl this time. Their last season wasn’t good, but I believe they can turn things around, provided they don’t get too many injuries.


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