Free Games for an Expensive Phone

My friends always tried to convince me to get an iPhone because they all had them. The phones were way too expensive for my budget, and they would release a new model the next year that would always make the model before that instantly outdated. Finally one day, I couldn’t take any more pressure from my friends and bought the latest phone. It was well designed, and I was starting to think that it was worth every cent that I paid for it, until I saw the prices of some of the apps. Without the free iPhone applications available for download, I wouldn’t have anything to do on the phone other than make some calls, send a few texts, browse a few websites until I get bored.

I like to pack whatever device I have with as many games as possible. Doing this one game at a time can be tiresome, so I like to do it in blocks. There is an emulator for the iPhone where you can play games that were released on old consoles. I downloaded a lot of old games, most of which I own in the physical form. The rest of the games are impossible to find because they are so rare, or they were never released outside of one region.

On the train to work, when I get bored, I take out my phone and start playing a few games while I have my headphones plugged in to keep the sound from disturbing anyone. Often people will glance over at the phone to see what I am doing and some even recognize the games I am playing. A lot of people grew up on these kinds of games in the arcades and in their homes, so a bit of nostalgia washes over them when they see them again.


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