Finally Got My Master’s License

I just got the test results back from the state and now I am a licensed Master plumber for nj. Of course for some time I have been doing the job, but it was time for me to get my license so that I could do it for myself. The reasons are very simple. Ken is going to be retiring in a few months and his son is going to be taking over the business. The boy is nice enough, but it is not as though I would like to put my future in his hands. For certain I do not trust him to bid on jobs so that we can get enough work and turn a profit on them. It is a tough job of course, and one for which he does not really have a lot of ability in that any of us have seen up to this point in time.

I am figuring that I need to be able to go out on my own, full time and on the record. Now I do plenty of off the clock work, probably every other weekend I am out doing something on my own. It is money I have been trying to keep socked away. Of course I just save it in a certificate of deposit and my intention is to get enough saved up to handle a big part of the stuff I would need to go on my own. I have almost all of the tools that I would need, but obviously there are some big things that you do not ever get for yourself. That stuff is rarely needed and the boss has it in the shop if we happen to need it. I have a van and a cargo trailer, so that is almost all I need.


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