Enslaved by the Burden of Debt

Debt consolidation is a very under utilized program that people, who like myself, are struggling to control the amount of debt that they currently have in their lives. Day in and day out, I have stressed myself nearly to death in an effort to do something about the mountain of debt that has piled up over the years. I know that these mistakes are my own fault and thus I don’t expect anyone to take care of them for me but so much of this debt has come from when I was a teenager and didn’t know any better.

Credit card companies should not be allowed to send teenagers any sort of credit offering. It’s absurd to think that the average eighteen year old has the responsibility or capability to deal with debt. I know none of my friends at that age didn’t and it’s clear now that I did not either. With nearly ten thousand dollars of debt to my name, I racked up the vast majority of it up in only three years. Three years of careless spending and refusing to pay back the collectors who came looking for their cash – yeah, it was a bad thing that I did.

I’m not sure that I regret it. I regret that I am unable to pay it back now. I regret that it has changed my life to a degree that is rather ridiculous; it has limited the things that I can or cannot do in subtle ways that really do make a huge difference in the way that a person can live in the United States. They have so much power over our day to day lifestyles that it blows me away that more people are not more aware of the degree that the credit card companies own them.


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