Do Not Be Afraid to Switch Energy Providers in Texas

When we went to pick from the energy providers in Texas we wanted to make sure that we were getting the best price for electricity. We did not want a variable rate electricity plan. With those ones you can pay low now and then pay more later. And very suddenly too. You do have to read the fine print no matter if you are buying a car, house or electricity. I know that some people do not want to admit it, but it really is your responsibility to know what you are getting into with any contract. Anyway, by choosing the best electricity supplier in Texas, you get a rate plan you can live with, and you get great customer service.

We have compared what we are paying with my mother and my husband’s brother who both live about a block away from us in two different directions. My neighbor let me take a gander at her electric bill too. We have the lowest rate. Not the lowest usage. In fact, with three kids and a home business we use more electricity than those around us. Our rate per kilowatt hour is the lowest. The funny thing is that I could not get my mom, brother-in-law or my neighbor to switch. I let them all see the fine print of our contract with the electric supplier and they still were hesitant. Each of them agreed it was a great deal. However, they decided to stick with paying more admitting they were actually afraid to change.

Some people are like this with doctors, dentists, auto repair shops, insurance agents and so many other things. They can get poor service, pay more and be dissatisfied but stick with the old providers. Not me! If I can save money, I am switching. If I can get better service somewhere else, I am switching. You do not have to have any loyalty to someone who charges you more or gives poor service.


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