Dish or Cable? That Was the Question for Our New House

Funny, but the big question we had when we built our new house was not over what paint color we would have in the rooms or what window treatments we would have. It was a question of dish cable or that TV service the phone company was offering. We decided to go with the tiny dish that gets mounted on the house. It was unobtrusive and brought us in the most HD channels we could get for the money. A new house meant the living room was definitely getting that huge screen TV. We have a theater-like experience in our home now with the satellite HD channels, On-Demand and that huge TV.

Football is really cool at our house now. Our favorite fall and winter sport is larger than life now that we have satellite and this really big HD TV in our living room. My wife and I and the kids gather around it to watch our favorite shows and PPV movies on our movie night. We are close as a family and do all kinds of things together. Our movie nights include popcorn for me and our son and veggie snacks and ranch dip for my wife and daughter. Sometimes we pick at each other’s snack bowls. Our one-time investment in this big TV and great satellite TV service gives us a movie theater viewing experience right in our own living room. I like it that we can pause, get a beverage or go to the bathroom and not miss anything. If one of us gets really tired, we can just watch the rest the next day.

We saw that satellite gave us more of the HD channels we wanted for the price we wanted to pay. Our new home was easy to settle into keeping our old routine of movie nights in a brand new way with the satellite service and new TV set. I hope we keep this up until the kids go off to college. Then it will be me and my wife on movie night.


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