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Simple Web Design for Kids

Thursday, May 30th, 2013

Vladimir nabokov hunts butterflies | BlogThe Boy Scouts is a great organization that teaches young kids lots of stuff about life and skills that could be use anywhere. Those skills are used outside in the wild such as camping or teaching how to be good sports in games. One new skill they should teach kids now is web design. This is a new an fun skill to teach kids to learn how web pages operate.

Although it may seem hard there are plenty of web sites that teach you how to do the simple forms of making a web page. A quick Google search can show those that are available. These sites are free of use and do everything to show how a simple web page can be set up and it even goes as far as doing a whole website for a specific topic! This can be really fun and unique way to teach children what really goes behind a web page.

When doing web pages make sure to tell the children what really goes behind the nuts and bolts of a site. Make sure to mention that each part is made up of certain things that make the whole web page. Such as hyperlinks, images, and the body of the text all contribute to make the web page whole.

Some ideas to have in mind when making boys do the website can be about animals they like, simple concepts such as what they like in Boy Scouts, or even what exactly is the things they like most in Boy Scouts. This will look great in the web and show how Boy Scouts are admired by the kids and be up for the whole world to see! One thing to make sure is whatever is put up is proof-read and makes sense.

That is just one simple task that Boy Scouts can do and have fun at the same time.


Helping My Son’s Troop with Social Media

Thursday, May 23rd, 2013

My son is in the Boy Scouts. He loves every minute of it. He’s been learning all kinds of neat things like how to survive in the wild. He told me that his troop is trying to organize a jamboree and they need some help. They have a website, but they aren’t sure how to get more people to come to the website to support the jamboree. To me, this sounded like something that could be done with social media. I turned to the Internet to see what some of the social media experts had to say about advertising through social media.

There are a lot of good social media advertising techniques that can be used to promote preexisting websites. The quickest way to do this is with social networking. Many of the kids, their siblings, and their parents have accounts on social networks. We can easily use these to tell others about the site and the jamboree. I was thinking we could get a little creative with the networks. If we all get together one weekend, we could produce a video that would promote the site and the jamboree at the same time. Then we could post the video on video sites and the social networks. Something quick and funny will get the attention of many local people, as well as many local businesses who may want to support us.

I think the jamboree will be a big hit. It only takes a little bit of effort to use social media for advertising, and with all of us working together, we should be able to produce a big turnout for the jamboree. We may even have the jamboree take place over multiple days if we get enough attendants. I guess the boy scouts help me learn a few valuable lessons too.


Buying Land and Giving Back to the Scouts

Thursday, May 23rd, 2013

The boyscout jamboree this year is taking place at The Summit Bechtel Family National Scout Reserve near Mount Hope, West Virginia. I have always loved the national jamboree and am hoping to host the next one. Of course I had to buy the land first. I used the national title agency so that the purchase and closing went smoothly and quickly.

I will promise to donate the land to the scouts in my will if they use my land for the jamboree. I will pay attention to how the land is set up and laid out at the current and past jamboree to make sure I build mine up to match and even out do them.

I always loved the scouts when I was young and I want to give back before it is too late. I also would enjoy knowing my name will be remembered by young scouts current and to come.

It was kind of fun buying the land to. I got to enjoy a lot of wild land while checking out large parcels for sale. I needed something in the woods that would make a good retreat but not be too far from civilization in case of trouble. Land like that is hard to find. I was able to hike around many parcels while getting a feel for them to see if they would be right and take in the natural beauty.

I have made sure all my children and grandchildren have gotten a taste of scouting too. I know it is important for building character as well as helping build social connections that will last for life. Being social is one key to success that is getting over looked now with the internet taking over everyone’s lives, but that is something to write about at another time.


Buying a Jamboree Site for My Scouts

Thursday, May 23rd, 2013

With the national Boyscout jamboree coming up I have been wanting to make more of a local jamboree that we can hold more often. I looked into our usual camps as well as places to rent and decided buying was best. We could use the site for jamborees as well as camping and other events. I wanted to make sure we bought the place quick and clean before someone else got it so I used linear title and closing.

This worked out great for us. The site is in the woods but has clear spaces to build things and camp. We are also near a river and many trails. Now that we have bought the place and close we can start making it into the perfect site for camping and jamborees.

We will have all the usual activities of a jamboree like hiking, badge trading, mountain biking, fishing, zip lines, canoeing, wastewater rafting,shows and quests. We will also do geo cashing of course. We will build some fire pits and bar b ques as well as bunks for scouts and leaders. We can maybe build a dock and for sure a kitchen.

We will have a lot of camp fires too so that we can roast smores and hot dogs that way. We can have tent areas for this so that we will have nice flat areas for the tents to be set up. We may even participate in some old style scouting tricks like snipe hunts. We will for sure go on nature spotting trips as well as bird spotting.

We will work on learning some survival craft as well, like making fires from scratch and identifying edible plants and mushrooms, but only with parental consent on the last.

I can’t wait till we are ready to hold our first gathering on our new land.