Costs for Installing a New Roof

We had a crazy thunderstorm that hit my neighborhood earlier this week, and it did quite a bit of damage in general, and unfortunately, it did some damage to my house in particular. One of the larger trees in the yard fell down during the storm, and of all of the places it could have landed, it fell on the house. Now I have to hire a roof installation in Queens NY because from what I can tell, the damage is too extensive to just have it repaired. I am pretty sure that the only option is going to be to have a new roof put on the house, even though that is definitely going to hurt the wallet a bit.

I just spent 1000 dollars last month on some car repairs that I didn’t plan on. So now to have to pay for a new roof on top of that is really a kick in the stomach, when it comes to my finances. I guess I will have to figure out how to pay for it though. The tree appears to have broken some of the frame underneath the roof, and it actually punctured the roof in a few spots. It was a huge mess, but we finally got the tree off of the house, after a few hours of using some chainsaws and a lot of heavy lifting and had work.

We have put a tarp up on the roof for now, even though it has not rained since the tree fell on the house, we do not want to take any chances with it raining and causing water to leak into the house. Ideally, we want to have work done on a new roof as soon as possible, and I would hate to wait more than a couple days.


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