Capitalizing on a Niche Community

After reading the Ewen Chia review I’ve come to realize there is not enough education freely available on the web. In order for the Internet to continue growing and offering people alternatives in the way that they live their lives there must be more options for new business owners to learn how to market themselves. Even those that are familiar with the Internet and the social media platforms are not going to become successful right off the bat – it takes a great deal of work in order to become an established online presence.

Recently I’ve come to recognize that many new businesses are successful because they, like successful Blogs, find a niche within a pre-established industry or market and offer a service or product aimed at those operating within the field. I remember being on Reddit a few years ago the night that Imgur was established. It started out as a simple website and the owner created a Reddit thread asking users for advice and feedback about the new image hosting site. Indeed, even before that it was spun out of complaints that there were no simple to use image hosting sites for Reddit users to utilize to which the creator offered a quick solution in the form of Imgur.

It’s businesses like Imgur that find a niche and make it work. I firmly believe that it’s not necessary to create a whole new idea to become successful but merely use what is already there and offer it to a community, an industry or market that is clearly in need of it. A savvy website with simple, easy to use tools that are intuitively felt out will be far more successful than a new product that is less familiar and clunky to use. Niche life is a successful life.


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