Buying Land and Giving Back to the Scouts

The boyscout jamboree this year is taking place at The Summit Bechtel Family National Scout Reserve near Mount Hope, West Virginia. I have always loved the national jamboree and am hoping to host the next one. Of course I had to buy the land first. I used the national title agency so that the purchase and closing went smoothly and quickly.

I will promise to donate the land to the scouts in my will if they use my land for the jamboree. I will pay attention to how the land is set up and laid out at the current and past jamboree to make sure I build mine up to match and even out do them.

I always loved the scouts when I was young and I want to give back before it is too late. I also would enjoy knowing my name will be remembered by young scouts current and to come.

It was kind of fun buying the land to. I got to enjoy a lot of wild land while checking out large parcels for sale. I needed something in the woods that would make a good retreat but not be too far from civilization in case of trouble. Land like that is hard to find. I was able to hike around many parcels while getting a feel for them to see if they would be right and take in the natural beauty.

I have made sure all my children and grandchildren have gotten a taste of scouting too. I know it is important for building character as well as helping build social connections that will last for life. Being social is one key to success that is getting over looked now with the internet taking over everyone’s lives, but that is something to write about at another time.


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