Buying a Jamboree Site for My Scouts

With the national Boyscout jamboree coming up I have been wanting to make more of a local jamboree that we can hold more often. I looked into our usual camps as well as places to rent and decided buying was best. We could use the site for jamborees as well as camping and other events. I wanted to make sure we bought the place quick and clean before someone else got it so I used linear title and closing.

This worked out great for us. The site is in the woods but has clear spaces to build things and camp. We are also near a river and many trails. Now that we have bought the place and close we can start making it into the perfect site for camping and jamborees.

We will have all the usual activities of a jamboree like hiking, badge trading, mountain biking, fishing, zip lines, canoeing, wastewater rafting,shows and quests. We will also do geo cashing of course. We will build some fire pits and bar b ques as well as bunks for scouts and leaders. We can maybe build a dock and for sure a kitchen.

We will have a lot of camp fires too so that we can roast smores and hot dogs that way. We can have tent areas for this so that we will have nice flat areas for the tents to be set up. We may even participate in some old style scouting tricks like snipe hunts. We will for sure go on nature spotting trips as well as bird spotting.

We will work on learning some survival craft as well, like making fires from scratch and identifying edible plants and mushrooms, but only with parental consent on the last.

I can’t wait till we are ready to hold our first gathering on our new land.


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