Best Diets for Losing Weight Very Quickly

My best friend and I are both fairly overweight, but I am a little bit more overweight than he is. Anyway, the other day he bet me that he could lose more weight in the next 3 months, than I can, but I intend to prove him wrong. I think I can definitely win, mostly because I just have more weight to lose on my body than he does. As such, I really need to get started in the near future with losing weight and I want to find the most effective diet that is out there for losing weight in a quick manner. I am not sure how much I will be able to lose in 3 months time, but I am hoping that it will be pretty significant.

I almost wish that we had made the period of the competition last longer, to give me motivation to lose even more weight, over a longer period of time. But this is a good starter for getting closer to being at a healthy weight.


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