Best Design Schools Cheap Tuition

My son has always been very good at design and art, and even though I used to want him to be an engineer or a doctor, I have realized that there is no usae to push him in a direction that is not going to lead to success and happiness. Rather, I am looking for a design school for him to attend, because I know that is what he is going to be happiest with, and that is the career path which will most likely lead to success for him.

Anyway, I do want him to go to a school design school, but at the same time, I must make sure that his school is not too expensive. I am going to help him as much as I can with the costs of his tuition, and so that is why I want to make sure that I can find a design school that has some of the lowest tuition rates around. I am still not sure exactly what he wants to do with design, and I am not sure if he has any plans yet. I guess he has time to make some plans, but I would feel better if he already knew what he wanted to do.

Granted, there are always those who figure out what they want to do early, only to find out that they were wrong and that they don’t actually want to do what they thought they did. It happened to a couple of my friends when I was going through college. It is kind of a sad thing usually, because they have typically wasted a few years of their education before realizing that they were going after the wrong degree. I would have hate to have spent thousands of dollars on something I was never going to get.


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