Being a Parent Always Comes First in Our Family

As a woman who is single, an executive and I have three daughters, my life gets incredibly hectic. When you’re a mom, you have to take some time to slow down and pay attention to what your kids are doing, though. I was worried about what my middle daughter was up to with her favorite phone app, and I learned from an online search that you can hack Snapchat so that you can get a better grasp on what your kids are doing with that program. I was just looking for some advice online on how to possibly check her phone personally, but instead, I learned that you can actually see what a user is doing on that app from your own phone.

I do have a nanny to help out when I can’t be home. When I am home, I make sure to be present with my children. It can be tough because I’m often worn out during my time off. I work till 6PM each night for six days, and then I have all of Sunday off. Sometimes I just want to sleep or maybe kick back and read a relaxing book. I need my daughters to know that I’m there for them, though. Being single means that I don’t have the ability to take a job with less hours because I’ve got three kids to take care of.

When I get home at night, I’m very lucky to arrive home to a meal that has already been made by the nanny. I sit down with the girls at the dinner table and we talk about their day. The nanny then goes home. After dinner, we all clean the kitchen together so that we can get it done more quickly and have more time together. Last night, I used the little app that I learned about to check out what one of my daughters is doing on Snapchat, and I was very relieved to learn that she’s just having fun and not in any trouble when I checked.


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