Beautiful Stones at a Great Price

When my grandfather passed on recently, we looked for Jewish headstones in NJ right from the start. If you’re not Jewish, you might not understand why finding a headstone is so important. For those of us who stay true to the Jewish tradition, it’s absolutely imperative that the dead be buried as quickly as possible. In fact, it’s best to do it before sunset. That’s not always possible in this day and age, but we thought we could pull it off since it was clear that my grandfather was seriously ailing and likely wouldn’t live much longer. We were correct.

Still, my mother did the whole Jewish mother thing and kvetched about how everything had to be right and she questioned everything. While the clock ticked, my mother kept up with her schtick. My father finally intervened and took charge of the whole affair. He looked online and found a company that creates beautiful headstones for those of the Jewish faith and he asked how long it would take to get one made. Imagine our surprise when they said they could likely have it done in a few hours, but it might take a bit longer.

We waited for word that the stone was ready while my father set up everything else. Sure enough they got the stone to the cemetary. It turns out they don’t need much time to get the stone ready because they’re really only putting the name and maybe dates on it. Also important to note is that we really didn’t need the stone that quickly. Many people put the stone in place later. It’s just important to get the body into the ground in order to maintain proper Jewish customs. Still, I’m very impressed with this company. So is my father, so much in fact that he’s already having them do his and my mother’s stones.


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