Are You Up to Date on Technology?

My daughter got a really nice e reader that is also a tablet last year. I knew that it was going to be a good idea for her to go to the store and see the different colors that they had so that she would be able to make up her mind and I could buy her the one that she wanted for her birthday. About a month ago the pure cambogia reports came out and it was full of the new technology gadgets that were coming out for this new year. I was a little sad to see that the tablet that I just bought her a few months ago had a new version out and I went to the web site where I bought it and they told me that I could send in her old one so that I could get her brand new one with a credit. The one that she has is in great shape so I knew that I was going to be able to get a great rebate for sending it in.

I told her that I had to get her tablet and send it in to get updated because there was a massive recall on them but she did not know what to think so I just took it. I sent it in and a week later I got the new one in the mail and she had no idea that it was coming. The next day I gave it to her all wrapped for her birthday, I was so happy that it came just in time for her to wake up on her birthday and see it on the kitchen counter, she had no idea what was in the box and she was so happy when she unwrapped her new tablet.


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