An Orange Rug for My Husband

My husband’s favorite color is orange, so I wanted to get him an orange rug for his study. The one he had in there was brown, which was the closest he could come to the color he wanted. I thought it would be easy to get him the orange rug, but my task was a bit harder than I anticipated. None of the local home decor stores had the right color, so I went online to see if I could find any orange rugs for sale that were in the local area as I did not want to pay a fortune in shipping to have it delivered.

When I found The Rug Store, I knew that I had found the right store for us. The thing that really surprised me with this online store is just how many different kinds of rugs they have. I thought that I would only have a couple of choices for orange rugs, but they had quite a few. They came in different shades of orange, and there was also a lot of different patterns as well. I had thought that I was going to get just a solid orange rug, but I got excited when I saw all of the different patterns.

There was one that I really liked, which was a Nordic pattern. It has browns, creams, and oranges in it, but I knew that he would be happier with one that had a lot more orange in it. I ended up getting him one that had a couple of different shades of orange mixed in with white to separate them. I kept going back to the Nordic rug too though, and I ended up getting both of them. I figured if he didn’t like it, I would put it in my office. I didn’t have to worry though because he ended up really liking both!


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