Almost Closed on the House I Think

We are just about done with the sale of our house I think, but it is not quite done and we are not going to count our chickens before they are hatched. Already this has come close to happening a couple of times and it has fallen through for one reason or another. There are a lot of matthews nc homes for sale it seems and there seems to be some other person who is willing to negotiate a lot more than we are. We tell people what the house costs and that is what we mean. I suppose that you should start out asking for more than you want, so that people can think that they talked us down to something more amenable to them. So far every person we talk to about the house thinks it is an auction and they are going to get to decide what the house is worth. Most of the time they manage to talk someone else down to something they think is a great price.

Of course I have sold a lot of houses, or at least about a half dozen of them. I have built about three houses now, including this one and the one we are just about ready to move into. It started out as a necessity. I needed a house and the only way to get what I needed at a price that I could manage was to buy the land and do as much of the work as I could by myself. There were lots and lots of problems that I had to deal with, but you figure that stuff out and after the first house you know how it works. The third time is probably the last time though. I am going to be living there to the end probably.


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