A Place We Like to Call Home

With so little storage space to be found in a Singapore apartment, it’s important to find a self storage service if you’re a Westerner who is coming to live in Singapore. You might doubt me now but I highly encourage you to start researching now on the square footage that is available in most residential apartments. The condos are certainly going to be much larger, especially those that have kept us Westerners in mind when they were designed, but for the most part if you’re coming here seeking work or merely hoping for a new place to put down your roots, you’re going to have to take into consideration what you take with you and what is going to be more of use to you in your new home. These places maximize every single millimeter to ensure that you’re quality of living is both good and efficient. They don’t like to waste space here to which I certainly cannot blame them for it!

You might run into some difficulty when looking for a self storage service but from my personal experience, I have found that Store Friendly to be one of the best that can be used. They offer high quality security for your items as well as clever environmental control units to help protect your items from the ravages of nature. Unlike those units that you typically find in the United States, you’ll soon discover that many of these units are actually kept indoors rather than outside where the often weak protection of an aluminium shed does little to guard your most precious heirlooms from water, bugs and rodents who are more than happy to make a nest out of your family album. Things are different here in Singapore but not so different that you cannot find yourself falling in love with the city.


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