A New Step into the Future

As a businessman, I have to do what it takes to make sure my company runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible. I must make the hard choices to ensure that my clients continue to support my brand. I am the owner of a multi-national corporation that specializes in snack foods. My company produces snacks such as cookies, chips, cakes, and drinks. My snacks are not like the others. They are healthy snacks. My company has been losing money. I need more efficiency. I am going to purchase more osprey case packers for my factories. Hopefully, this will increase efficiency.

Most of my factories do not have excessive automation. Most of my factories have human employees. The pack my products into the boxes by hand for distribution. My factories have produce five thousand boxes of snacks per hour. Lately, my factories have not been meeting their quotas. Some of my employees have been slacking off on the job. They take unnecessary coffee breaks and use sick days when they are not ill. Others do not have the enthusiasm to work at my factories. Something will have to change.

I have decided to add more packing machines to my workforce. They are more efficient than human workers. They do not need coffee breaks and will not slack off on the job. The machines will not get sick and contaminate the food and other employees. The machines can work faster and make fewer mistakes than humans. They pump out many boxes that will be ready for distribution at a greater rate.

I am confident that automation will take my company into the future. These machines can do the work of humans at three times the rate. I think they will be a valuable investment to my factories. This will save me money by lowering the costs of workman’s compensation and health insurance.


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