A Masked Man Wanted My Money

While on a trip, I was robbed of all of my cash. A masked man with a knife came out of nowhere and demanded that I hand over all the money I had on me or else he would stab me. I didn’t have my wallet on me, nor my cell phone, which prevented the mugger from getting access to my credit cards. I ran back to my hotel room to get my wallet and phone and to call the police. I needed some cash in a hurry, so I went to http://paydayloan.com.co on my cell phone and got a payday loan.

I needed the money because I was going to use to pay a registration fee for a video game tournament. The tournament happens once a year, and I traveled just for it. This was my first time entering a tournament like this, and I prepared by practicing for hours in different games. I rushed to the site of the tournament with only minutes to go before registration was closed. The loan amount was deposited into my bank account and I withdrew it from the ATM and used it to pay for my entrance into the tournament.

While at the tournament, I was facing off against another player who looked familiar to me. His face didn’t look too familiar, but his eyes did, and so did his teeth. His body even looked familiar to me. After thinking about it for a while, i realized that it was the same man who robbed me with the knife. I grabbed him by the neck and punched him in the face, and yelled for everyone else to call the police. I restrained the man until the police were able to apprehend him, and both of us went to the police station. The man confessed to robbing me, and the cops even found the mask and knife on him.


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